Radical Platforming

Enact your platforming performance through normal walking, running, jumping, and crouching. Use your slingshot not only to shoot rocks at bugs but also to grab, hold, move and throw objects to clear or construct pathways. Get your hand on 4 glitch-artifacts and store them in your inventory (Fig. 1). These glitches can be simultaneously applied (or removed) from one game object at a time to create unique navigational possibilities.

Fig 1: Bug Hunter glitch-artifacts icons. From left to right: The Uncollider, the Enforce, the Demassifyer, and the Switcher

The Uncollider

Use the Uncollider to remove the collider of any object (wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc.). Applying this glitch to an object adds a flickering and colourful glitchy texture over its photorealistic look. This graphical alteration indicates that the 3D solid modelling underneath the object appearance is now gone. The non-solid object can now be passed through.

The Enforcer

Exploit the Enforcer to radically alter the velocity of an object rigidbody. Once apply on an interactive object, the texture change to grey and some lines of code are superimposed on it. A closer look reveals C# code excerpts on it. Thjs suggests that some important changes in the rigidbody mass and velocity. Throwing any game object corrupted by the Enforcer catapult the item violently in the environment. When shot at the right angle facing an obstacle (like the floor) can create a significant rebound to propel the player far in the distance or in the air.

The Demassifyer

Take advantage of the Demassifyer to cancel the mass of a interactive object. When applied, the item is covered with a dark glitchy texture packed with mathematical symbols and equations. As it is moved and thrown around, it floats where it lands. The Demassifyer is contagious. On contact with other objects, the texture and effect are extended to the contiguous items. This can be used to create chains of touching objects. As soon as the Demassifyer is removed from the main host, the object (or the chain of objects) regains its mass and falls down.

The Switcher

Hijack the Switcher to switch places back and forth with any object onto which the glitch-artifact is applied. Upon application, the object colour is inverted and looks like a film negative image. Activate the glitched object when you want to switch places with it. This affordance allows you to reorganize significant chunks of the level design as you exchange places with floors, roofs, and bigger pieces of architecture. Think of it as some sort of level editor that you can use through gameplay and navigation instead of an interface.

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