A Truman Game

You are embodied in the first-person perspective of an unknown avatar holding a slingshot. Textual clues in the HUD indicate the game session takes place in an beta version. Every level starts in a standard photorealistic setting mimicking real-life environments: a bureaucratic workspace, a prison, a factory, and a television set.

As you wander around, you see small bugs roaming. As killing them gives you positive feedback, you take on your duty to investigate and exterminate some more. Paying close attention, you hear rumbling of crawling insects beyond walls. Your endeavour leads you to strange glitch-artifacts that have intruded the game space. These things give you the capacity to alter the simulation that powers the representation.

Accessing the chaos of systemic margins allows you to find huge cracks in a wall from which all parasites manage to infect the game. After their extermination, an artifact resembling a patch-like piece of tissue falls from the sky and land on a hard-to-reach location. Here is your chance to patch the problem and bring upon the next update. Bug hunt your way out of this mess !

The Truman Show (Weir, 1998). Source:

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