It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

Hunt them All

Each level contains a hidden crack causing bugs to infest the game space and corrupt the system behaviours. Your goal is to seek and destroy at least 10 parasites to get access to a collectible patch allowing you to seal the slit and repair the level. You are invited to kill more to boost your score and produce better results.

Hurry up, time is critical. This game has to be shipped yesterday. Any extra time left will be added to your final score. Grab your slingshot and explore inhospitable environments fill with errors, dead ends, holes, pitfalls, significant gaps and apparently unreachable areas. Throughout your journey, discover 4 glitch-artifacts to be stored in your inventory. Applied and combine them on objects to alter their physics and behaviours. Turn this situation to your advantage to subvert design structures, tinker with physics, create your own pathways and solve weird navigational puzzles in unconventional manner.

Don't waste your time messing around trying to find alternative routes. It is not the time for exodus nor rebellion against the system’s agenda. What good will it does anyway? Engage in innovative game, exploit every flaw, and get things done.

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