Dev log

Under the Mechanical Hood

By Hugo Montembeault
Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt, 2020)

This devlog #2 takes a look under the mechanical hood of Bug Hunter. It first discusses some aesthetical choices made to steer gameplay in a certain direction. Then, it presents and exemplifies each of the four main glitch-based game mechanics in action under which relies a month of coding progress. The game design logic behind those mechanics is explained in great detail alongside their roles in Bug Hunter’s procedural rhetoric. A new experimental feature is introduced to the listener: the multi-glitch panel. Although still in development, this feature is contextualized as a way to allow room for emergent gameplay by applying and managing multiple glitches at the same time on a specific object. Finally, the demonstration enacts the game winning conditions to situate their ideological implications in the overall experience.

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